Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ambaram

  ambaram—clothing.    SB 3.21.9
  ambaram—robes    SB 3.23.30
  ambaram—her garments    SB 3.33.29
  ambaram—the sky.    SB 7.2.2
  ambaram—the covering of his body    SB 9.15.29
  ambaram—into the sky    SB 10.4.9

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ambaram

  dik-ambaram—dressed by all directions (naked)    SB 1.19.27
  ghata-ambaram—sky within the block    SB 1.13.55
  pita-ambaram—His garments were yellow    SB 10.3.9-10
  pisanga-ambaram—dressed in yellow garments    SB 8.22.13
  valkala-ambaram—covered with the bark of trees    SB 9.10.34
  yavat vibhusa-ambaram—exactly like their ornaments and dress in all their varied particulars    SB 10.13.19