Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amantrya

  āmantrya—taking permission    SB 1.10.8, SB 4.31.30, SB 7.13.46, SB 9.3.9, SB 9.5.22
  āmantrya—inviting    SB 1.6.37, SB 1.8.7, SB 4.7.7
  āmantrya—addressing    SB 6.4.16, SB 8.7.41, SB 8.15.7
  āmantrya—thus addressing    SB 3.12.20
  āmantrya—taking permission to go    SB 3.22.26-27
  āmantrya—after informing    SB 4.19.29
  āmantrya—after inviting    SB 4.29.80
  āmantrya—inviting, or requesting    SB 8.7.1
  āmantrya—taking permission from    SB 8.12.41
  āmantrya—taking his permission    SB 9.3.17
  baddha-ulūkhalam āmantrya—taking the permission of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was bound to the wooden mortar    SB 10.10.43

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