Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: alpa

  alpa—very little    SB 8.5.47, Antya 12.106, Antya 16.91, Antya 16.92, Antya 20.83
  alpa—little    SB 3.30.15, Madhya 9.299
  alpa—small    SB 7.8.19-22, Madhya 12.132
  alpa—a little    Madhya 4.120, Madhya 12.174
  alpa—meager    SB 1.1.10
  alpa—negligible    Adi 16.102
  alpa—a very little    Madhya 12.51
  alpa—small quantity    Madhya 20.135
  alpa—slight    Madhya 24.250
  alpa—insignificant    Madhya 25.196
  alpa—a small quantity    Antya 11.82

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: alpa

  alpa-kale—very soon.    Madhya 8.297, Madhya 9.171, Madhya 10.19
  alpa anna—a small quantity of prasada    Madhya 11.200
  alpa aparadha—the offense is not very great    Antya 2.123
  alpa dure—within a short distance    Antya 13.83
  alpa kari—making a small quantity    Madhya 3.68
  alpa sanga—slight association with or performance.    Madhya 22.129
  alpa sankhya—a reduced number of chanting    Antya 11.26
  alpa sthana—insufficient place    Madhya 11.131
  alpa vayasa tanra—his age is very young    Madhya 18.208
  alpa-aksare—in few words.    Adi 1.105
  alpa-aksare—briefly    Madhya 9.239-240
  alpa-artha—small (unimportant) purpose    SB 3.1.4
  alpa-arthe—for a slight reason    SB 9.14.37
  alpa-bhasini—one who does not speak more than required.    SB 1.5.24
  alpa-buddhayah—less intelligent    Bg 16.9
  alpa-darsakah—still less fully manifested.    Madhya 20.400
  alpa-hani—very little loss    Madhya 15.174
  alpa-jale—in not very deep water    Madhya 18.5
  alpa-kale—within a very short time    Adi 15.6
  alpa-karya—minor activity    Madhya 6.213
  alpa-maryada-langhana—a slight deviation from the standard etiquette and behavior    Antya 3.45
  alpa-medhasah—less intelligent.    SB 1.3.21
  alpa-medhasam—of those of small intelligence    Bg 7.23
  alpa-paurusam—whose power is meager    SB 3.18.4
  alpa-seva—very small service    Antya 1.107
  alpa-svalpa-mulya—a fraction of the real price    Madhya 17.145
  alpa-sadhane—by a little endeavor.    Antya 20.54
  alpa-tapasah—of one whose austerity is meager    SB 3.7.20
  alpa-tapasah—by a person not advanced in spiritual life    Madhya 11.32
  alpa-viryena—he is not at all powerful (having no power to fight with you)    SB 10.4.36
  kichu alpa-dure—a little bit away from the Lord.    Antya 1.28
  mugdha-smita-alpa-dasanam—smiling with little teeth coming out of Their mouths (they were more and more attracted)    SB 10.8.23
  sankhya alpa kara—reduce your number    Antya 11.24