Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: alayam

  ālayam—until liberation, or even in a liberated condition    SB 1.1.3
  ālayam—to the residence.    SB 9.6.18
  duḥkha-ālayam—place of miseries    Bg 8.15
  guṇa-ālayam—the reservoir of all transcendental qualities    SB 4.20.27
  guṇa-ālayam—the reservoir of all good qualities    SB 9.2.31
  guhyaka-ālayam—to the abode of the Guhyakas (Kailāsa).    SB 4.5.26
  kṛta-ālayam—abiding    SB 3.29.27
  kṛta-ālayam—residing    SB 3.32.11
  nanda-ālayam—to the house of Mahārāja Nanda    SB 10.5.11
  puṇya-jana-ālayam—to the city of the Yakṣas.    SB 4.10.4
  rasam ālayam—the reservoir of all mellows    Madhya 25.151
  sutala-ālayam—to the place known as Sutala    SB 8.23.9
  sva-ālayam—to his own abode    SB 8.12.41

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