Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: alaukika

  alaukika—uncommon    Adi 3.85, Adi 5.193, Adi 10.59, Adi 11.20, Adi 11.24, Madhya 4.178, Madhya 7.66, Madhya 7.111, Madhya 8.309, Madhya 13.66 (and more...)
  alaukika—transcendental    Adi 9.32
  alaukika—uncommon, transcendental    Madhya 24.39
  alaukika-līlā—uncommon pastimes    Madhya 18.225, Antya 14.121
  alaukika jāna—everyone should know as uncommon    Madhya 18.226
  alaukika rūpa—uncommon beauty    Madhya 24.43
  alaukika-rīti—uncommon method    Madhya 18.225

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