Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: alankrtah

  alaṅkṛtaḥ—being decorated with ornaments    SB 6.14.33
  alaṅkṛtaḥ—bedecked with various types of ornaments    SB 7.13.41
  alaṅkṛtaḥ—very beautifully decorated    SB 8.2.7
  alaṅkṛtaḥ—being dressed very nicely with ornaments and fresh garments    SB 10.5.1-2
  alaṅkṛtāḥ—ornamented    SB 4.3.12
  sragvi-alaṅkṛtaḥ—being decorated with a garland    SB 9.10.49
  su-alaṅkṛtaḥ—fully decorated like them.    SB 10.11.19
  sādhu-alaṅkṛtaḥ—highly decorated with ornaments    SB 4.15.13

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