Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: alabdha

  alabdha—having not received    SB 1.18.28
  alabdha—not achieved    SB 3.31.28
  alabdha—not being able to obtain    SB 5.26.17
  alabdha—not obtaining    SB 7.4.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: alabdha

  alabdha-bhogah—not getting any material comfort (practically starving for all material needs)    SB 6.13.15
  alabdha-bhagah—all unable to take a share    SB 8.10.19-24
  alabdha-saranani—defenseless    SB 3.16.10
  alabdha-ksanah—there was no time to talk    SB 9.3.30
  alabdha-kamam—not achieving your desired goals    SB 6.14.21
  alabdha-manah—without respect    SB 1.14.39
  alabdha-nidrah—being without sleep    SB 4.13.47
  alabdha-nidra-ksanah—who does not get an opportunity to sleep    SB 5.14.21
  alabdha-nidranam—who are suffering from insomnia    SB 7.13.32
  alabdha-nathah—without getting the shelter of a protector    SB 9.4.52
  alabdha-purvah—not achieved previously    SB 8.23.2
  alabdha-aspadam—without a secure position    Adi 2.74
  alabdha-aspadam—without having achieved a proper place    Adi 16.58