Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akuntha

  akuṇṭha—without hesitation    SB 1.19.31
  akuṇṭha—back home, back to Godhead    SB 2.2.21
  akuṇṭha—unfaded    SB 3.19.27
  akuṇṭha-dhiṣṇyam—Vaikuṇṭhaloka in the spiritual sky.    SB 3.5.46
  akuṇṭha-jñānam—perfect knowledge    SB 4.29.1b
  akuṇṭha-medhase—unto one whose brain activity is never checked    SB 4.24.42
  akuṇṭha-medhase—whose memory and knowledge are never disturbed by anxiety    SB 9.11.7
  akuṇṭha-sattvam—undeterred knowledge    SB 3.8.3

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