Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aksara

  akṣara—syllables    Madhya 21.125, Antya 3.58
  akṣara—letters    Antya 3.59, Antya 17.40
  akṣara—the Supreme Brahman (Personality of Godhead)    Bg 3.15
  akṣara—the good handwriting    Antya 1.96
  akṣara-juṣām—of the impersonally self-realized (Kumāras)    Madhya 17.142, Madhya 24.45, Madhya 25.158
  akṣara-juṣām—attached to impersonal Brahman realization    SB 3.15.43, Madhya 24.115
  aṣṭādaśa-akṣara-mantre—by the hymn composed of eighteen letters    Adi 5.221
  śrī-rūpera akṣara—the handwriting of Rūpa Gosvāmī    Antya 1.97
  cāri akṣara—composed of four syllables    Antya 2.31
  dui akṣara—of two syllables    Madhya 6.260
  dvādaśa-akṣara—composed of twelve syllables    SB 6.8.7
  dvādaśa-akṣara-vidyayā—with the mantra of twelve syllables.    SB 8.16.39
  prati-akṣara—every word    Antya 17.44
  se akṣara—these syllables    Madhya 21.125
  su-svara-akṣara—by her sweet voice    SB 5.2.6

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