Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aksah

  akṣaḥ—eyes    SB 2.5.35, SB 4.21.19
  akṣaḥ—his senses    SB 4.12.17
  akṣaḥ—his eyes    SB 4.14.44
  akṣaḥ—the axle    SB 5.21.13
  akṣaḥ—axle    SB 5.21.14
  akṣaḥ—the vision of whom    SB 9.2.11-13
  akṣāḥ—eyes.    SB 3.15.31
  akṣāḥ—the different senses    SB 6.4.25
  aravinda-akṣaḥ—the lotus-eyed    SB 3.4.19
  iṣu-akṣaḥ—the arrows are the dice    SB 6.12.17
  kaṭa-akṣaḥ—the glance.    Antya 1.171
  nava-akṣaḥ—nine holes    SB 10.2.27
  nimīla-akṣaḥ—eyes closed    SB 3.11.32
  padma-akṣaḥ—lotus-eyed    SB 3.24.17
  padma-palāśa-akṣaḥ—the Lord, whose eyes are like the petals of a lotus flower    SB 4.20.20
  padma-palāśa-akṣāḥ—with eyes like the petals of a lotus flower    SB 6.1.34-36
  pratilabdha-akṣaḥ—having revived his consciousness    SB 10.13.58
  puṣkara-akṣaḥ—lotus-eyed    SB 3.21.8
  rajaḥ-vala-akṣaḥ—whose eyes are covered by the dust of the wind or who is captivated by his wife during her menstrual period.    SB 5.13.4
  rajaḥ-vala-akṣaḥ—blinded by strong lusty desires    SB 5.14.9
  roṣa-tāmra-akṣaḥ—with red-hot eyes due to being angry    SB 1.18.36
  sahasra-akṣaḥ—the thousand-eyed demigod, Indra    SB 6.7.40
  sahasra-akṣaḥ—the thousand-eyed King Indra    SB 6.8.1-2
  sahasra-akṣaḥ—Indra, who is endowed with one thousand eyes    SB 6.13.14
  tri-akṣaḥ—three eyes    SB 5.25.3
  tāmra-akṣaḥ—with copper-red eyes    SB 1.7.33

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