Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akrta

  akrta—became    SB 1.15.10
  akrta—not executed    SB 3.2.17
  akrta—without    SB 4.10.3
  akrta—without having done    SB 4.17.19
  akrta—not performing    SB 6.3.29
  akrta—without education    SB 8.4.10
  akrta—finished    SB 9.10.6-7
  akrta—made    SB 9.14.14
  akrta—executed    SB 10.12.34
  akrta—performed    SB 10.13.62

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: akrta

  akrta na—he did not do    SB 4.2.12
  akrta-arhana-adikam—without offering a respectful reception    SB 8.4.9
  akrta-artha-vat—being unsatisfied, poor and hungry    SB 9.9.26-27
  akrta-artham—whose desire has not been fulfilled    SB 9.9.26-27
  akrta-arthah—undone    SB 1.5.4
  akrta-arthan—without achievement    Antya 19.45
  akrta-arthan—unsuccessful    Antya 19.47
  akrta-buddhitvat—due to unintelligence    Bg 18.16
  akrta-droha—not defiant    Madhya 22.78-80
  akrta-enasam—of those who are sinless.    SB 4.11.8
  akrta-jnena—ungrateful    SB 6.2.28
  akrta-nirvesam—who has not undergone atonement    SB 6.1.68
  akrta-prajna—O foolish rascal    SB 9.9.35
  akrta-prajne—ungrateful    SB 1.13.33
  akrta-punyah—those who are not pious    SB 4.26.21
  akrta-sukrtam—who has never executed any pious activities    SB 5.8.20
  akrta-sukrtasya—who has no pious activities    SB 5.8.16
  akrta-agasam—of those who are offenseless    SB 1.17.13
  akrta-agasam—of the faultless    SB 3.14.40
  akrta-aharah—who refrained from taking food    SB 9.5.18
  akrta-atmabhih—who are not sufficiently experienced    SB 4.17.32
  akrta-atmabhih—by persons unable to control their senses.    SB 8.12.39
  akrta-atmanam—of those who have not controlled the mind and senses    SB 3.22.6
  akrta-atmanah—without self-realization    Bg 15.11