Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akincana

  akiñcana—of devotees who have nothing to do with the material world    SB 7.4.42
  akiñcana—unalloyed    Adi 10.66
  akiñcana—without material possessions    Madhya 22.78-80
  akiñcana—without any attachment for anything material    Madhya 22.93
  akiñcanā—without any motive    SB 5.18.12
  akiñcanā—without motive    Adi 8.58
  akiñcanā—without material desires    Madhya 22.76
  akiñcana jana—poor men    Adi 13.109
  akiñcana kṛṣṇadāsa—Akiñcana Kṛṣṇadāsa    Antya 10.9-11
  akiñcana-gaḥ—approachable by the materially free    SB 4.31.29
  akiñcana-gocaram—one who is approached easily by the materially exhausted man.    SB 1.8.26
  akiñcana-gocaraḥ—within the reach of the unalloyed devotees    SB 6.11.23
  akiñcana-vittāya—unto the property of the materially impoverished    SB 1.8.27
  akiñcana-vittāya—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the only asset of persons who have no material possessions    SB 5.19.11

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