Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akhya

  äkhyä—known as    SB 3.12.54, Madhya 6.154
  äkhyä—well known    SB 9.24.16-18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: akhya

  kñetra-jïa-äkhyä—the potency known as kñetra-jïa    Adi 7.119, Madhya 20.112, Madhya 24.308
  nityänanda-äkhya—known as Lord Nityänanda    Adi 1.7, Adi 5.7
  brahmänanda-äkhya bhäraté—of the name Brahmänanda Bhäraté    Adi 10.135-136
  dvépa-äkhyä-karaù—causing the name of the island    SB 5.20.2
  dvärakä-äkhya—Dvärakä    Madhya 20.214
  gokula-äkhya—Gokula    Madhya 20.214
  goloka-äkhya—called Goloka    Madhya 21.91
  kñetrajïa-äkhyä—the potency known as kñetra-jïa    Madhya 8.153
  mathurä-äkhya—Mathurä    Madhya 20.214
  rasäla-äkhya—known os delicious    Madhya 23.49
  svajana-äkhya-dasyubhiù—they who are actually plunderers but who pass by the name of relatives    SB 8.22.9
  tat-dvépa-äkhyä-karaù—giving the island its name    SB 5.20.13
  taöa-stha-äkhya—known as marginal    Adi 2.103
  taöa-sthä-äkhya—known as the marginal potency    Adi 5.45
  viläsa-äkhya—named viläsa    Madhya 14.189