Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: akasa

  akasa—the sky    SB 2.6.3, Madhya 12.140, Antya 20.79

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: akasa

  antah-hrdaya-akasa-sarire—the Supersoul within the heart, as meditated on by yogis    SB 5.7.7
  akasa bhedila—filled the sky    Antya 10.62
  akasa-sarirasya—the Supersoul of the whole universe    SB 6.9.42
  akasa-gangaya—by Ganges water known as Akasa-ganga    SB 8.15.14
  akasa-ganga—the Ganges in the sky (the Milky Way)    SB 5.23.5
  akasa-sthitah—situated in space    Bg 9.6
  akasa-upare—in outer space    Adi 13.83
  akasa-vat—like the sky    Madhya 25.130
  akasa-adi—beginning with the sky    Madhya 19.233
  akasa-adira—of the sky, air and so on    Madhya 8.87