Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ajnana

  ajïäna—ignorance    Bg 16.13-15, SB 1.13.45
  ajïäna—nescience    SB 3.7.7, SB 3.12.2
  ajïäna—of ignorance    Adi 1.88-89, Adi 3.59
  ajïäna—ignorant    Bg 18.72
  ajïäna—ignorance.    Adi 2.96
  ajïäna—by ignorance    Antya 2.99

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ajnana

  ajïäna päñaëòa—the atheist of ignorance.    Antya 3.46
  ajïäna-bandhanät—from all kinds of ignorance, especially the bodily concept of life    SB 8.4.6
  ajïäna-bhidä—which drives away the ignorance of the material modes    SB 10.2.35
  ajïäna-jam—due to ignorance    Bg 10.11
  ajïäna-jam—products of ignorance    Bg 14.8
  ajïäna-mattam—maddened by ignorance or foolishly passing time in karma, jïäna, yoga and Mäyäväda philosophy    Madhya 19.54
  ajïäna-mohitaù—being bewildered by ignorance    SB 6.17.18
  ajïäna-mülaù—whose root is ignorance    SB 7.7.27
  ajïäna-prabhavaù—because of the great influence of ignorance    SB 8.19.13
  ajïäna-prabhavä—by the influence of ignorance    SB 10.4.26
  ajïäna-sambhavaù—which is to be accepted by foolish persons ignorantly trying to become happy.    SB 10.6.39-40
  ajïäna-sambhütam—outcome of ignorance    Bg 4.42
  ajïäna-tamaù—of the darkness of ignorance    Adi 1.94
  ajïäna-tamera—of the darkness of ignorance    Adi 1.90
  ajïäna-ädi—of ignorance, etc.    Adi 1.107
  sakala-i ajïäna—all ignorance    Antya 2.99