Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ajnah

  ajnah—fools who have no knowledge in standard scriptures    Bg 4.40
  ajnah—the foolish.    SB 1.3.37
  ajnah—less intelligent persons    SB 4.2.21
  ajnah—one who is not properly conversant    SB 4.7.52
  ajnah—the foolish King    SB 4.25.62
  ajnah—being foolish.    SB 5.5.7
  ajnah—foolish    SB 6.1.27
  ajnah—an ignorant living being    SB 6.1.49
  ajnah—without perfect knowledge    SB 6.1.52
  ajnah—a person not aware of the real fact    SB 6.17.19
  ajnah—this fool    SB 7.8.46
  ajnah—a foolish animal    SB 7.13.29
  ajnah—at the same time foolish    SB 8.20.15
  ajnah—a foolish person    SB 10.4.22
  ajnah—a fool    Adi 3.1
  ajnah—persons unaware of my prowess    SB 6.11.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ajnah

  ajnah api—even a foolish person    Adi 6.1
  ajnah api—even a person who has no knowledge    Madhya 1.1
  hata-ajnah—whose order was foiled    SB 6.3.1
  asisah ajnah—knowing well the results of such benedictions    SB 7.9.24