Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ajna

  ajna—order    Adi 7.77, Adi 7.110, Adi 8.65, Adi 8.72, Adi 8.73, Adi 8.75, Adi 8.81, Adi 8.83, Adi 9.36, Adi 9.47 (and more...)
  ajna—the order    SB 6.3.8, Madhya 1.135, Madhya 4.46, Madhya 4.189, Madhya 10.146, Madhya 11.122, Antya 3.43, Antya 4.37, Antya 10.5
  ajna—permission    Madhya 5.101, Madhya 10.88, Madhya 16.249, Antya 13.21, Antya 13.25, Antya 13.26, Antya 13.28, Antya 13.31
  ajna—ignorant    Antya 3.205, Antya 8.69
  ajna—O fool    SB 3.18.3
  ajna—one not expert in knowledge    Madhya 19.236
  ajna—foolish    Madhya 24.102
  ajna—one by whom nothing is unknown    Antya 5.141
  ajna—ignorant fool    Antya 7.128
  ajna—ignorant    SB 1.8.19
  ajna—of the order    Adi 17.330
  ajna—the order    Madhya 16.62

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ajna

  ajna dila—ordered    Adi 12.36, Adi 17.130, Madhya 11.81, Madhya 11.120-121, Madhya 15.41, Madhya 15.201, Antya 1.69, Antya 1.119, Antya 3.157
  ajna deha—please give permission    Madhya 7.45, Madhya 10.71, Madhya 18.99, Antya 13.31
  ajna magi—taking permission    Madhya 6.47, Madhya 10.109, Madhya 16.96, Antya 6.169
  ei ajna—this order    Madhya 12.65, Madhya 22.59, Antya 6.298
  prabhu-ajna—the order of the Lord    Madhya 4.108, Madhya 12.158, Antya 1.69
  ajna dila—gave the order    Madhya 12.40, Antya 12.52, Antya 16.77
  guru-ajna—the order of my spiritual master    Madhya 9.98, Madhya 10.144
  prabhu-ajna—the permission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 13.28, Antya 13.29
  ajna deha—give permission    Madhya 3.191, Madhya 7.10
  ajna deha—give Me permission    Madhya 16.91, Madhya 16.248
  ajna dila—gave an order    Madhya 13.112, Madhya 14.248
  ajna dila—ordered    Antya 1.41, Antya 16.116
  ajna dila—He gave order.    Antya 2.112, Antya 4.234
  ajna kaila—ordered    Antya 1.112, Antya 2.40
  ajna lana—taking permission    Madhya 17.21, Antya 13.125
  ajna magila—asked permission    Antya 13.42, Antya 13.66
  ajna-kari—order-carriers    Madhya 11.178, Madhya 20.317
  ajna hana—although being ignorant    Antya 5.161
  ajna jiva—the ignorant living entity    Antya 7.119
  ajna jiva—a foolish living being    Antya 7.126
  ajna murkha sei—he is an ignorant fool    Antya 3.133
  ajna-aparadha—offense by innocent person    Madhya 12.129
  ajna-dosa—offense by an ignorant rascal    Antya 3.213
  ajna-sa-arthah—for the interest of the rascals    SB 4.7.28
  ajna-sthane—before an ignorant person    Madhya 6.79
  ajna-ucita—fit for a fool    Antya 7.126
  bhatta-ajna lana—taking permission from Venkata Bhatta    Madhya 9.163
  caila-ajna—soft cloth and deerskin    Bg 6.11-12
  sastra-ajna—the direction of the revealed scripture    Madhya 22.140
  sastra-ajna haya—there is such an order in the revealed scripture    Madhya 15.236
  isvara-ajna—the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 6.180
  ei bada ajna—this is a great order    Madhya 16.191
  ei ajna lana—taking permission    Madhya 9.173
  ei ajna-bale—on the strength of this supreme order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 22.60
  eka ajna—one order    Madhya 16.188
  gurura ajna—the order of the spiritual master    Madhya 10.144
  ki ajna—what is your order    Antya 2.130
  kon ajna haya—what is Your order    Madhya 21.74
  matr-ajna—the order of His mother    Adi 14.77
  patira ajna—the husband's order    Antya 7.107
  patira ajna—the order of the husband    Antya 7.107
  prabhu ajna—the Lord's permission    Madhya 11.40
  prabhu ajna dila—but the Lord advised him    Adi 16.16
  prabhu ajna dila—Your Lordship has ordered me    Madhya 24.324
  prabhu-ajna—the order of my Lord    Adi 5.198
  prabhu-ajna—direct order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 11.114
  prabhu-ajna—the order of Lord Nityananda Prabhu    Antya 6.145
  prabhu-ajna—the permission of Your Lordship    Antya 13.25
  prabhu-ajna lana—after taking permission from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 9.107
  prabhu-ajna lana—taking the permission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 12.86
  prabhu-ajna mani—accepting the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 1.127
  prabhu-ajna pana—getting the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 1.125
  prabhura ye ajna—whatever was ordered by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 4.217
  prabhura ajna—the permission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 7.171
  prabhura ajna haila—there was an order of the Lord    Madhya 4.163
  purva ajna—previous orders    Madhya 22.59
  pana ajna—getting this order    Madhya 25.201
  raghavera ajna—the order of Raghava Pandita    Antya 10.34
  raja-ajna—the permission of the King, Prataparudra    Madhya 1.128
  satya-bhamara ajna—the order of Srimati Satyabhama    Antya 1.43
  sei ajna—that order    Madhya 11.178
  seva-ajna—order for service    Madhya 14.252
  tava ajna-anupalanam—to obey Your order.    SB 8.23.17
  tomara ajna—Your permission    Madhya 9.330
  tomara ajna—Your order    Madhya 11.18
  tomara ajna-kari—Your order carrier    Madhya 15.144
  tanra yei ajna—that is His order    Antya 19.23
  tanra ajna—his order    Adi 10.140
  tanra ajna lana—taking the permission of mother Sacidevi    Madhya 1.234
  tanra ajna lana—taking her permission    Antya 12.14
  vaisnavera ajna—the permission of all the Vaisnavas    Antya 6.145
  veda-ajna—an injunction of the Vedas    Madhya 3.186
  yadi ajna haya—if you kindly give me permission.    Madhya 11.19
  ye ajna—whatever order    Madhya 7.34
  acaryera ajna pana—taking the order of Advaita Acarya    Adi 13.111
  ajna bhangile—when one breaks the order    Antya 10.8
  ajna deha—order    Madhya 10.152
  ajna deha—please order    Madhya 11.171
  ajna deha—just order    Madhya 12.77
  ajna deha—kindly give me permission    Madhya 16.232
  ajna deha—just give Me permission    Madhya 16.245-246
  ajna deha—give the order    Antya 4.41
  ajna deha—kindly give the order    Antya 4.155
  ajna deha—you order    Antya 9.38
  ajna deha—permit me    Antya 16.19
  ajna deha yadi—if you order    Antya 9.28
  ajna diba—shall give orders    Madhya 11.69
  ajna diba—give permission    Madhya 17.7
  ajna dila—gave the order    Madhya 5.123
  ajna dila—has given an order    Madhya 9.331
  ajna dila—the Lord gave an order    Madhya 13.35
  ajna dila—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ordered    Madhya 15.42
  ajna dila—gave orders    Madhya 16.113
  ajna dila—ordered.    Antya 10.67
  ajna dila—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ordered.    Antya 12.65
  ajna dilun—I ordered    Antya 12.69
  ajna dila—ordered.    Madhya 1.127
  ajna dila—gave an order    Madhya 16.143
  ajna dila—promised    Antya 2.50
  ajna dila—He ordered    Antya 6.86
  ajna dila—Lord Krsna ordered    Antya 10.7
  ajna dila—gave permission    Antya 13.33
  ajna dila—ordered him.    Antya 13.119
  ajna diya—giving an order    Madhya 9.335
  ajna haya—if there is permission    Madhya 19.239
  ajna haya—please give permission    Antya 2.132
  ajna kara—just order me    Adi 17.152
  ajna kara—please order    Madhya 15.103
  ajna kara—order    Madhya 16.69
  ajna kara—please give permission    Madhya 17.12
  ajna kara—kindly order    Antya 5.30
  ajna kara—please order me    Antya 5.55
  ajna kari—by giving the order    Antya 20.99
  ajna la-ila—took permission to leave    Antya 19.16
  ajna langhi—transgressing My order    Antya 12.69
  ajna magi—taking the order    Madhya 4.109
  ajna magi—asking my permission    Antya 6.177
  ajna magila—asked for permission.    Antya 13.22
  ajna magila—begged permission    Madhya 7.56
  ajna magila—he asked permission.    Antya 4.232
  ajna magila—begged for permission to leave    Antya 19.17
  ajna magiya—asking permission    Antya 13.116
  ajna nahe—although there is no direct order    Madhya 11.122
  ajna nila—took permission    Madhya 14.6
  ajna nai—there was no order    Antya 12.10
  ajna pana—receiving this order    Adi 16.17
  ajna pana—getting permission.    Antya 13.116
  ajna-amrta—the nectarean order    Madhya 4.180
  ajna-dhana—order    Madhya 2.95
  ajna-kari—order carrier    SB 3.14.29
  ajna-kari—obedient order-carrier    Adi 7.114
  ajna-kari—follower of the orders    Adi 10.74
  ajna-mala—the garland of order    Adi 8.77
  ajna-mala—the garland of permission    Madhya 7.57
  ajna-patra—letters of command    Madhya 16.110
  ajna-phala—the result of His order    Antya 4.235
  ajna-palane—by carrying out the order    Antya 10.8
  ajna-vani—orders and injunctions.    Adi 17.160
  amara ajna ya—in My instruction    Antya 6.235