Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aile

  aile—went    Madhya 7.19
  aile—You have come    Madhya 8.281
  aile—you came.    Madhya 11.36
  aile—when it arrives    Madhya 16.93
  aile—when he came to Mathura    Madhya 25.207

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: aile

  kartika aile—when the month of Karttika arrives    Madhya 16.8, Madhya 16.9
  gaudiya aile—when a Bengali Vaisnava came to Mathura    Madhya 25.206
  prana aile—consciousness returned    Madhya 25.225
  vrndavane aile—when they come to Vrndavana    Madhya 25.183