Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aicchat

  aicchat—desired    SB 4.9.29, SB 4.28.14, SB 5.14.44
  aicchat—liked    SB 3.2.2
  aicchat—she desired.    SB 10.8.31

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: aicchat

  na aicchat—did not desire    SB 4.13.6, Madhya 9.269
  na aicchat—did not like    SB 1.7.40
  na aicchat—desired not (to take)    SB 3.19.12
  na aicchat—declined    SB 6.13.4
  na aicchat—did not want    SB 7.9.55
  na aicchat—did not accept    SB 9.18.2