Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ahi

  ahi—like a snake    SB 3.16.10
  ahi—serpent    SB 4.22.38
  ahi—by the serpent    SB 5.12.2
  ahi—snake    SB 8.6.20
  ahi—different kinds of snakes    SB 8.7.18
  ahi—the cobras    SB 8.7.46
  ahi-bhoga-utthitam—issuing from the serpent’s body, which was meant for material enjoyment    SB 10.12.33
  ahi-īśvaram—the supreme controller and serpent incarnation    SB 9.24.53-55
  ahi-indra—the great snake Ananta    SB 3.8.10
  ahi-indra—Anantadeva    SB 3.8.29
  ahi-indra—Śrī Anantadeva    SB 3.8.30
  ahi-indra—of the king of snakes    SB 3.32.4
  ahi-kaśipu—on the snake bed    SB 3.9.20
  ahi-kūpe—in a blind well full of snakes    SB 7.9.28
  ahi-mokṣaṇam—their deliverance and the deliverance of the python    SB 10.12.37
  ahi-patayaḥ—the leaders of the snakes    SB 5.25.4
  ahi-rāja—the serpent-king    SB 3.8.5
  ahi-rāṭ—a great cobra    SB 3.18.13
  ahi-vat—like a cobra    SB 3.1.37
  kāla-ahi—of the deadly snake of time, (which can cause immediate death)    SB 7.9.5
  mahā-ahi—of great serpents    SB 5.24.12

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