Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ahatah

  ähataù—struck    SB 3.19.16, SB 3.19.28, SB 6.11.11
  ähataù—attacked    SB 3.18.6
  ähataù—having been struck    SB 3.19.26
  ähataù—injured    SB 6.2.15
  ähataù—being beaten    SB 8.11.11
  ähataù—trampled or injured.    SB 9.15.27
  ähataù—killed    Antya 3.56
  ähatäù—harassed    SB 8.10.49

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ahatah

  nistriàça-agra-ähataù—because of being cut by the tip of the sword    SB 9.2.7
  pada-ähataù—being trampled by the foot    SB 7.8.3-4
  vajra-ähataù—killed by the thunderbolt of Indra    SB 10.6.13