Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aharat

  aharat—took away    SB 1.15.34, SB 9.14.4
  aharat—removed    SB 1.3.23
  aharat—eradicated    SB 1.9.36
  aharat—conquered    SB 1.16.35
  aharat—diminished    SB 2.7.2
  aharat—severed    SB 4.5.24
  aharat—he took upon himself    SB 4.14.46
  aharat—cut off    SB 6.18.14
  aharat—blew away    SB 8.12.23
  aharat—stole.    SB 8.24.8
  aharat—simply captivated    SB 9.10.55
  āharat—collected    SB 8.8.11
  āharat—offered.    SB 8.18.26
  āharat—gave him to eat and he also ate    SB 9.5.24
  āharat—offered    SB 9.15.24
  āharat—(Paraśurāma) cut from his body    SB 9.15.35-36
  āharat—brought back to their original places.    SB 9.20.31

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing aharat.