Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agra

  agra—the chief    Antya 10.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: agra

  kesa-agra—from the tip of a hair    Madhya 19.139, Madhya 19.140
  sa-agra-jatam—with his elder brother, Sri Sanatana Gosvami    Antya 2.1, Antya 3.1
  agra-bhuk—one who eats before    SB 1.15.11
  agra-bhuk—the enjoyer of the first oblations    SB 4.14.28
  agra-bhuk—enjoying in spite of your elder brotherís being present    SB 9.22.14-15
  agra-bhajah—possessing ends    Antya 1.159
  agra-damstraya—by the tip of His tusk    SB 3.18.2
  agra-damstre—on the end of the tusk    SB 5.18.39
  agra-dagdham—which was previously burnt (by the monkey soldier Hanuman).    SB 9.10.16
  agra-jam—his elder brother (King Dhrtarastra)    SB 3.20.2
  agra-jasya—of the elder brother    SB 6.11.15
  agra-jah—elder    SB 4.28.11
  agra-jan—the elder brothers.    SB 4.22.6
  agra-jah—born before you    SB 2.6.13-16
  agra-jah—born prior to you    SB 2.7.41
  agra-pujayam—the first to be worshiped    SB 7.14.35
  bala-agra—the tip of a hair    Madhya 19.141
  damstra-agra—the tips of the tusks    SB 3.13.40
  damstra-agra—on the ends of His tusks    SB 3.18.6
  dharmika-agra-ganya—on the top of the list of religious persons.    Madhya 16.218
  eka-agra—perfect attention    SB 4.24.79
  eka-agra-manah—with full attention    SB 4.29.82
  laksmana-agra-jam—the elder brother of Laksmana    SB 5.19.1
  laksmana-agra-jah—Lord Sri Ramacandra, the elder brother of Laksmana.    SB 5.19.7
  mukuta-agra—of the tops of the helmets    Madhya 21.72
  mrnala-agra-bhujah—those who eat the tops of the stems    Antya 1.92
  marga-agra—the ultimate goal    SB 3.25.6
  nistrimsa-agra-ahatah—because of being cut by the tip of the sword    SB 9.2.7
  nasa-agra—the tip of the nose    SB 7.15.32-33
  sva-nasa-agra—the tip of oneís nose    SB 3.28.12