Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agnina

  agnina—by the fire    SB 3.11.30, SB 3.31.17, SB 4.1.21, SB 4.17.10-11
  agnina—by the fire-god    SB 5.23.1
  agnina—simply by generating the fire of sacrifice    SB 9.14.49

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: agnina

  soka-agnina—by the fire of lamentation    SB 5.14.15, SB 7.9.17
  soka-dava-agnina—by the fire of grief    SB 4.8.16
  dava-agnina—by the forest fire    SB 8.10.46
  dava-agnina—by the glare of the forest fire    SB 2.7.29
  jnana-agnina—by the fire of knowledge    SB 8.21.2-3
  kama-agnina—by strong sex urges    SB 3.9.8
  mukha-agnina—by the fire emanating from the mouth    SB 9.6.23-24
  samadhi-ja-agnina—by fire produced by meditation.    SB 4.4.27
  sva-sarira-agnina—by the fire emanating from their own bodies    SB 9.8.11