Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agnau

  agnau—in the fire    Bg 15.12, SB 7.8.24, SB 7.12.15
  agnau—in the fire of    Bg 4.25, Bg 4.27
  agnau—in the fire of consummation    Bg 4.24
  agnau—in the fire-god (the personified god controlling fire)    SB 7.12.26-28
  agnau—in fire    SB 10.11.56

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: agnau

  daksina-agnau—in the southern side of the sacrificial fire    SB 4.4.32
  daksina-agnau—in the sacrificial fire on the southern side    SB 4.5.26
  daksina-agnau—in the fire sacrifice known as daksinagni    SB 6.17.38
  huyamane agnau—while oblations were being offered in the fire of sacrifice    SB 9.17.15
  samiddhe agnau—in the burning fire    SB 9.9.36
  sarpa-yaga-agnau—in the fire of the sacrifice for killing all the snakes    SB 9.22.36