Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agha

  agha—sins    SB 1.5.11, SB 1.19.2
  agha—by sin    SB 3.16.10
  agha—material contamination    SB 4.9.42-43
  agha—of sins    SB 6.2.8
  agha—sinful animals or living entities    SB 7.14.11

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: agha

  agha-apaham—which frees one from all reactions to sins    SB 6.2.47-48
  agha-bhidaù—of the vanquisher of all kinds of sins    SB 3.15.23
  agha-bhit—the Supreme Personality, who can vanquish all sinful activities    SB 9.9.6
  agha-bändhaväù—the friends of Aghäsura.    SB 10.12.29
  agha-çaàsaù—creating trouble.    SB 5.22.14
  agha-ghnam—which vanquish all sinful reactions    SB 9.11.21
  agha-ghnena—which can drive away all sinful activities    SB 4.8.25
  agha-ghnéù—vanquishing all sins    SB 3.20.5
  agha-haram—neutralizing the effect of sinful life    SB 6.2.14
  agha-käriñu—unto persons who had committed sins    SB 1.13.15
  agha-mala—the sinful activities    SB 5.17.1
  agha-marña-uda—that which offers freedom from all reactions to sin    SB 3.5.41
  agha-marñaëam—counteracting all kinds of sinful activities.    SB 4.12.45
  agha-mocanam—such hearing of the Lord’s activities certainly vanquishes the results of sinful activities.    SB 8.23.28
  agha-mocanam—releasing from sins    SB 6.13.22-23
  agha-niñkåtam—atonement for his sinful actions    SB 6.2.13
  agha-nirharaëäya—for taking away the reactions of sinful activities    SB 6.3.24
  agha-näçanam—by hearing which one can be freed from all misfortune    SB 8.5.1
  agha-näma—a very powerful demon by the name Agha    SB 10.12.13
  agha-ogha-marñaëam—destroying sins    SB 4.7.61
  agha-ogham—all kinds of sinful activity and faulty action.    SB 5.10.23
  agha-vadanät—from the mouth of Aghäsura    SB 10.13.4
  agha-vatäm—persons who have committed many sins    SB 6.2.9-10
  agha-vän—who committed heavily sinful activities    SB 7.10.15-17
  agha-vän—such a sinful person    SB 6.13.8-9
  agha-vän—a sinful man    SB 6.2.11
  agha-vän—a man full of sinful activities    SB 6.1.16
  agha-vän—offender    SB 3.20.2
  agha-äçrayaù—reservoir of all vices.    SB 3.12.26
  agha-äyuù—whose life was full of sinful activities    SB 6.1.67