Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: agatam

  āgatam—had arrived    SB 4.6.40, SB 6.1.26
  āgatam—having arrived    SB 1.1.21
  āgatam—arrived at    SB 1.4.33
  āgatam—having arrived there    SB 1.13.3-4
  āgatam—returned    SB 1.13.5
  āgatam—already arrived.    SB 1.13.18
  āgatam—coming forward    SB 3.15.38
  āgatam—coming back    SB 4.9.37
  āgatam—approached him    SB 4.12.30
  āgatam—appeared    SB 4.31.4
  āgatam—has come    SB 8.16.4
  āgatam—appeared before Him    SB 8.19.6
  āgatam—returned.    SB 9.4.1
  āgatam—had come to Mathurā    SB 10.5.20
  āgatam—had returned    SB 10.5.21
  āgatām—having arrived    SB 4.4.7
  āgatām—arrived    SB 4.25.20
  āgatām—obtained    SB 5.17.3
  āgatām—coming near    SB 8.24.42
  āgatām—had come    SB 10.6.5-6
  su-āgatam—welcome    SB 4.22.12, SB 4.31.5
  cira-āgatam—returned after many years of banishment    SB 9.10.41
  cira-āgatam—returned after a long time    SB 9.11.30
  gata-agatam—death and birth    Bg 9.21
  pretya āgatam iva—thought that it was as if the boys had returned from death    SB 10.11.54
  pretya-āgatam—as if Kṛṣṇa had returned from death (no one could even imagine that from such danger a child could be saved)    SB 10.6.43
  sthāna-āgatam—going to their own place    SB 10.11.53
  su-āgatam—auspicious appearance    SB 4.7.36
  su-āgatam—all welcome    SB 8.18.29
  svayam āgatām—who has personally arrived.    SB 9.14.23

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