Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adye

  adye—before the beginning of    SB 1.6.2
  adye—the original source of everything, the cause of all causes    SB 7.6.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adye

  sravana-adye—in hearing, chanting and so on    Madhya 23.11
  srivasa-adye—unto Srivasa and his three brothers    Madhya 11.144
  darpana-adye—beginning in a mirror    Adi 4.144
  nave anna-adye—newly produced food grains    SB 7.12.19
  panditya-adye—simply by scholarship, etc.    Madhya 6.87
  sanaka-adye—in the four Kumaras    Madhya 20.371
  vaikuntha-adye—in the Vaikuntha planets, etc.    Adi 4.27-28
  vaikuntha-adye—in the Vaikuntha planets    Madhya 19.193
  vayasi adye—before this life    SB 1.6.5