Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adyam

  adyam—the original    Bg 11.31, SB 1.8.18, SB 3.8.3, SB 3.24.16, SB 6.12.7
  adyam—original    Bg 11.47, Bg 15.3-4, SB 3.7.22, SB 4.9.16
  adyam—original.    Bg 8.28
  adyam—the first of the kind    SB 3.9.35
  adyam—the chief    SB 4.6.39
  adyam—the original cause of everything    SB 8.3.20-21
  adyam—the original cause of all causes    SB 8.5.26
  adyam—unto the original teacher of the universe (Lord Brahma)    SB 9.3.30
  adyam—You are the original cause    SB 10.3.24
  adyam—first    SB 8.24.1

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adyam

  puranam adyam—the foremost of all the Puranas    SB 3.8.9