Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adyaih

  adyaih—and so on    SB 3.30.26, SB 3.31.5
  adyaih—etc.    SB 1.15.16
  adyaih—and others    SB 7.3.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adyaih

  adhvara-adyaih—by performance of Vedic rituals    SB 3.9.13
  anima-adyaih—headed by anima    SB 10.13.52
  gandha-malya-adyaih—with incense, flower garlands, etc.    SB 8.16.39
  kharjura-amrataka-amra-adyaih—with kharjuras, amratakas, amras and others    SB 4.6.18
  kumara-adyaih—the Kumaras and others    SB 3.32.12-15
  nanda-adyaih—and others, like Nanda    SB 6.4.35-39
  sankirtana-adyaih—by congregational chanting, etc.    Adi 3.81
  sanandana-adyaih—the four Kumaras, headed by Sanandana    SB 4.6.34
  sanandana-adyaih—by such personalities as the four Kumaras (Sanat-kumara, Sanaka, Sanandana and Sanatana)    SB 9.8.23
  ulukhala-adyaih—and by overturning the stone mortar for grinding spices    SB 10.8.30
  utsmaya-adyaih—by intimate friendly dealings, laughing and joking.    SB 3.15.20
  vibhava-adyaih—by ingredients such as vibhava    Madhya 23.95-98
  vyasa-adyaih—by great sages headed by Vyasa    SB 1.8.46
  yama-adyaih—with Yama and others    SB 1.3.12