Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adyah

  adyah—and so on    SB 2.7.43-45, SB 3.30.28, SB 4.15.8, SB 6.17.12, SB 7.15.80, SB 8.13.18, SB 8.13.22, SB 8.13.34, Antya 14.16
  adyah—the first    SB 1.9.18, SB 3.6.8, SB 3.10.15
  adyah—the original    SB 1.14.35-36, SB 4.24.63, SB 6.1.3
  adyah—the original Personality of Godhead    SB 2.6.39, SB 4.30.7, SB 8.10.57
  adyah—original    SB 3.15.15, SB 4.7.42, SB 4.13.19-20
  adyah—first    SB 2.6.42, SB 3.22.15
  adyah—headed by    SB 8.1.27, SB 9.23.5
  adyah—without any superior    SB 3.5.50
  adyah—the most ancient person    SB 3.16.37
  adyah—the origin    SB 3.25.9
  adyah—the creator, Lord Brahma    SB 3.32.12-15
  adyah—the original person    SB 5.6.14
  adyah—the beginning    SB 5.17.22-23
  adyah—the first living being    SB 6.4.48
  adyah—the first one (Svayambhuva)    SB 8.1.4
  adyah—the root cause of everything    SB 10.10.29
  adyah—conjugal love    Madhya 19.104
  adyah—the original transcendental mellow, or conjugal love    Madhya 19.106
  adyah—others    SB 1.10.15
  adyah—like that    SB 8.13.19
  adyah—beginning with the sun and followed by the other planets    SB 8.18.5
  adyah—beginning with    SB 9.24.16-18
  adyah—and others    SB 9.24.51

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adyah

  adhikara-adyah—things possessed by him under full control    SB 7.14.16
  angada-adyah—all the soldiers of Lord Ramacandra, headed by Angada and others    SB 9.10.20
  asura-adyah—atheists, the enemies of the devotees    SB 2.7.39
  asura-adyah—the demons and atheists    SB 8.5.31
  bhurisena-adyah—Bhurisena and others    SB 8.13.21
  bhuta-adyah—headed by Bhuta    SB 9.24.47-48
  bhrgu-adyah—headed by Bhrgu Muni, one of the seven rsis    SB 8.23.26-27
  brahma-indra-adyah—headed by Brahma and Indra    SB 4.7.43
  brahma-adyah—all the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma    SB 7.10.34
  budha-adyah—and others, such as Budha    SB 8.13.33
  cedipa-adyah—Cedipa and others    SB 9.22.6
  devaki-adyah—headed by Devaki    SB 10.1.62-63
  grdhra-adyah—vultures and so on    SB 6.6.27
  haihaya-adyah—and others, like King Haihaya.    SB 2.7.4
  janma-adyah—beginning with birth    SB 7.7.18
  kamsa-adyah—Kamsa and others    SB 10.12.29
  kaikaya-adyah—the King of Kekaya and others    SB 2.7.34-35
  marica-adyah—headed by Marica    SB 9.10.5
  nanda-upananda-krtaka-sura-adyah—Nanda, Upananda, Krtaka, Sura and others    SB 9.24.47-48
  nanda-adyah—beginning from Nanda Maharaja    SB 10.1.62-63
  paundraka-adyah—Paundraka and others    SB 2.7.34-35
  praskanna-adyah—sons headed by Praskanna    SB 9.20.7
  purana-adyah—headed by the Puranas    Madhya 22.6
  putra-adyah—or son and so on    SB 8.16.19
  rama-adyah—Balarama and others    SB 10.8.32
  sanaka-adyah—those headed by Sanaka    SB 4.8.1
  sanandana-adyah—like Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana and Sanat-kumara    SB 8.21.1
  sarga-adyah—bringing about creation, maintenance and annihilation    Madhya 20.113
  sattva-adyah—headed by the sattva-guna    SB 5.25.9
  tattvadarsa-adyah—and others, like Tattvadarsa    SB 8.13.31
  tvam adyah—You are the original    SB 1.7.23
  varsa-adyah—Varsa and others    SB 9.24.51
  vasudeva-adyah—headed by Vasudeva    SB 10.1.62-63
  vicitra-adyah—and others, like Vicitra    SB 8.13.30
  virajaska-adyah—Virajaska and others    SB 8.13.11
  vasudeva-adyah—Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha    Madhya 20.242
  yajnahotra-adyah—Yajnahotra and others    SB 8.1.23
  adyah avatarah—original incarnation    Adi 5.83
  adyah avatarah—the original incarnation    Madhya 20.267