Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adrsta

  adṛṣṭa—unseen    SB 1.3.32, SB 10.5.30
  adṛṣṭa—that you have not heard or seen    Bg 11.6
  adṛṣṭa—never seen    SB 7.9.2
  adṛṣṭa—the unseen destiny    SB 10.5.30
  adṛṣṭa-śruta—never seen or heard    SB 7.7.40
  adṛṣṭa-dhāmne—who is not perceived in His abode    SB 6.4.23
  adṛṣṭa-doṣāḥ—who is not at fault    SB 5.26.16
  adṛṣṭa-nirgamam—from which there is no coming out    SB 6.5.6-8
  adṛṣṭa-pūrvam—never seen before    Bg 11.45
  adṛṣṭa-pārāḥ—who cannot see the end    SB 4.30.41
  adṛṣṭa-rūpaḥ—not seen    SB 5.18.26
  adṛṣṭa-svarūpāya—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was not seen even by Lord Brahmā    SB 8.5.25

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