Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adri

  adri—hills    SB 1.8.40, Antya 15.14
  adri—hill    SB 3.1.18, SB 4.23.21
  adri—mountains    SB 5.26.40, SB 6.1.4-5
  adri—of mountain s    SB 6.10.27
  adri—of Govardhana Hill    Madhya 8.195

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adri

  adri-dari-kunja-gahvaresu—everywhere in the mountains, the mountain caves, the bushes and narrow places    SB 10.13.14
  adri-kandaram—a cave in a mountain    SB 7.12.20
  adri-kutaih—with peaks of great mountains    SB 9.10.16
  adri-kutesu—on the summits of the mountains    SB 6.8.15
  adri-parivarta—rolling the hill    SB 2.7.13
  adri-pati—two great mountains    SB 3.17.16
  adri-pravaram—the best among mountains    SB 4.6.8
  adri-varyam—the great mountain    Madhya 17.210
  govardhana-adri-sirasi—on the top of Govardhana Hill    SB 10.13.29
  maha-adri-pivaram—as thick as a great mountain    SB 10.12.16
  punya-adri—there are nice mountains    SB 10.11.28
  sa-adri—with the mountains    SB 10.8.37-39