Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adistah

  ādiṣṭaḥ—instructed    SB 1.14.8, SB 3.4.26
  ādiṣṭaḥ—being ordered    SB 1.17.35, SB 3.12.15
  ādiṣṭaḥ—being so requested    SB 3.12.20
  ādiṣṭaḥ—having been instructed    SB 4.7.55
  ādiṣṭaḥ—being ordered by Lord Brahmā    SB 9.3.35
  ādiṣṭāḥ—being ordered by    SB 4.24.14
  ādiṣṭāḥ—being ordered    SB 4.30.15
  bhagavatā ādiṣṭaḥ—being ordered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 9.5.1

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