Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adini

  adini—beginning with    SB 3.20.13
  adini—from the very beginning    SB 4.21.7
  adini—and others    SB 5.5.35
  adini—and so on    SB 5.26.19

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adini

  adhyayana-adini—reading the Vedas, etc    SB 7.11.14
  asnana-anacamana-asauca-kesa-ulluncana-adini—concocted religious principles such as no bathing, no washing of the mouth, being unclean and plucking out the hair    SB 5.6.10
  avamana-adini—insults and punishment    SB 5.14.36
  sravana-adini—the activities of bhakti-yoga, beginning with hearing and chanting    SB 10.6.3
  srotavya-adini—subject matters for hearing    SB 2.1.2
  srotra adini—hearing process    Bg 4.26
  gandha-adini—smell and so on (taste, color, touch and sound)    SB 3.26.12
  hema-adini—such as gold    SB 6.16.6
  jagarana-adini—the states of wakefulness and so on    SB 6.16.53-54
  katodaka-adini—ceremonies observed after a death    SB 7.2.17
  kimpurusa-adini—a country beyond the northern side of the Himalayas    SB 1.16.12
  krttika-adini—headed by Krttika    SB 6.6.23
  laya-adini—dissolution and so on    SB 6.16.35
  magha-adini—the stars such as Magha    SB 5.23.6
  mahat-adini—the total material energy    SB 3.7.21
  mahat-adini—the mahat-tattva, false ego and five gross elements    SB 3.26.50
  mehana-adini—passing stool and urine    SB 10.8.31
  mrga-sirsa-adini—such as Mrgasirsa    SB 5.23.6
  nigraha-adini—controlling, etc.    SB 1.3.22
  nirharana-adini—funeral ceremony    SB 1.9.46
  omkara-adini—beginning with omkara    SB 6.8.4-6
  puskara-adini—such as Puskara    SB 7.14.30-33
  sthali-purisa-adini—burned rice stuck to the pot and so on    SB 5.9.11