Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adina

  adina—very magnanimous    SB 2.2.12
  adina—by all these    SB 1.10.28
  adina—original    SB 3.6.38

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adina

  adina-atma—Maharaja Nanda, who was so magnanimous    SB 10.5.15-16
  agni-hotra-adina—by offering sacrifices to the fire, etc.    SB 7.14.16
  bhuta-adina—by the five elements    SB 4.23.17
  ijya-adina—by performing the ritualistic ceremonies as recommended in the Vedas    SB 5.15.7
  mukha-niriksana-adina—by seeing the faces (when a man sees the beautiful face of a woman and the woman sees the strong build of the manís body, they always desire one another)    SB 5.14.31
  parama-anu-adina—along with the atoms    SB 3.11.13