Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adin

  adin—all of them together    SB 9.10.18
  adin—and others    SB 3.3.10
  adin—and so on    SB 4.9.6
  adin—headed by    SB 9.24.44

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adin

  sabda-adin—sound vibration, etc.    Bg 4.26
  sauca-acamana-adin—practice of cleanliness, washing of the mouth, legs and hands, etc.    SB 5.9.4
  sikya-adin—lunch bags and other belongings    SB 10.12.5
  dantavakra-adin—like Dantavakra and others    SB 3.3.11
  dauhitra-adin—grandsons like my father, Vena    SB-4.21.30
  dara-adin—the wife and children    SB 5.26.9
  indra-vayu-adin—all the demigods, headed by Lord Indra and Vayu    SB 8.5.19-20
  janamejaya-adin—headed by Maharaja Janamejaya    SB 1.16.2
  krta-adin—the sons headed by Krta    SB 9.24.46
  manusya-adin—and other living entities, headed by the human beings    SB 6.4.19
  paila-adin—headed by Paila    SB 9.22.21-24
  prajesa-adin—controllers of cosmic administration    SB 1.2.27
  praja-isa-adin—headed by Lord Brahma    SB 9.16.31
  sura-adin—the authorized demigods    SB 1.16.20
  taksa-puskara-sala-adin—sons headed by Taksa, Puskara and Sala    SB 9.24.43
  uruvalka-adin—sons headed by Uruvalka    SB 9.24.49
  varuna-adin—headed by Varuna and others    SB 9.7.21
  veda-adin—the Vedas, etc.    SB 3.12.36
  vrka-adin—Vrka and other sons    SB 9.24.43
  anarta-adin—Anarta and others    SB 9.3.28