Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adih

  ādiḥ—the origin    Bg 10.2, Adi 2.107, Madhya 20.154, Madhya 21.35
  ādiḥ—beginning    Bg 10.32, Bg 15.3-4, SB 8.6.10
  ādiḥ—origin    Bg 10.20
  ādiḥ—and so on    SB 1.18.28
  ādiḥ—beginning from    SB 3.11.39
  ādiḥ—and other elements    SB 7.1.9
  ādiḥ—and others    SB 8.17.10
  ādiḥ—the original cause    SB 8.17.27
  ādiḥ—the origin of everything    Madhya 8.137
  bhūta-sūkṣma-ādiḥ—subtle sense objects    SB 3.5.32
  bhūta-ādiḥ—the false ego (origin of the material elements)    SB 3.20.13
  bhūta-ādiḥ iva—like the false ego    SB 5.7.2
  deha-ādiḥ—the body and mind    SB 3.9.42
  dharma-ādiḥ—the path of religion    SB 1.4.28-29
  jagat-ādiḥ—the origin of creation    SB 3.26.50
  jagat-ādiḥ—the original cause of material creation    SB 8.7.25
  kampa-ādiḥ—quivering, etc.    SB 3.7.11
  nimeṣa-ādiḥ—beginning with minute parts of time    SB 10.3.26
  ābhijātya-ādiḥ—among the four material principles (attractive personal bodily features, birth in an aristocratic family, being very learned, and being very rich)    SB 10.10.8

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