Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adi

  adi—and so on    SB 3.31.3, SB 5.3.3, SB 5.5.31, SB 5.14.6, SB 5.14.8, SB 5.16.20-21, SB 5.16.24, SB 5.24.29, SB 6.19.7, Adi 1.82 (and more...)
  adi—and others    SB 8.7.32, Madhya 4.59, Madhya 4.64, Madhya 9.338, Madhya 11.33, Madhya 14.28, Madhya 15.43, Madhya 16.58, Madhya 18.116, Madhya 20.384 (and more...)
  adi—beginning with    SB 4.29.54, Adi 3.81, Adi 4.147, Adi 7.48, Madhya 14.92, Madhya 15.41, Madhya 18.68, Antya 4.60, Antya 4.226
  adi—heading the list    Adi 7.39, Adi 10.48, Adi 10.81, Adi 10.87, Madhya 1.132, Madhya 6.281, Madhya 18.208
  adi—headed by    Adi 3.94, Adi 7.17, Adi 17.301, Madhya 8.145, Madhya 13.7, Antya 16.106
  adi—the original    SB 2.1.28, SB 3.18.21, SB 7.8.35, Adi 13.14
  adi—original    SB 3.14.2, SB 4.9.15, SB 4.17.34, Madhya 18.18
  adi—etc.    SB 4.24.6, Adi 7.169, Madhya 23.79-81, Antya 10.125-126
  adi—in the beginning    Bg 5.22, SB 7.9.30
  adi—all these    Adi 10.61, Madhya 2.63
  adi—the first    SB 2.7.1
  adi—all together    SB 4.24.23
  adi—in the beginning of the millennium    SB 7.10.42
  adi—a beginning    SB 8.1.12
  adi—the beginning    SB 8.12.5
  adi—first    Adi 3.48
  adi—heading    Adi 8.8
  adi—originally    Adi 10.64
  adi—other subject matters    Madhya 2.1
  adi—primarily    Madhya 3.188
  adi—beginning    Madhya 7.153
  adi—and other arrangements    Madhya 11.69
  adi—all such places    Madhya 12.119
  adi—by artificially practicing detachment, by the mechanical practice of yoga, by studying the Sankhya philosophy, and so on    Madhya 19.167
  adi—and the other    Madhya 24.14
  adi—everything    Antya 3.184
  adi—and similar other persons    Antya 6.63
  adi—and so on.    Antya 6.285
  adi—and other things    Antya 13.73

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adi

  adi-purusam—the original person    SB 6.9.20, SB 6.18.66-67, Adi 2.14, Adi 5.22, Adi 5.71, Adi 5.155, Madhya 15.170, Madhya 20.160, Madhya 20.281, Madhya 20.310 (and more...)
  srivasa-adi—headed by Srivasa Thakura    Adi 17.300, Madhya 12.3, Antya 8.5, Antya 12.11, Antya 14.4, Antya 15.3
  srivasa-adi—headed by Srivasa    Adi 6.38, Madhya 10.77, Madhya 14.3, Antya 10.139
  acarya-adi—headed by Advaita Acarya    Madhya 12.70, Madhya 15.28, Antya 3.43, Antya 10.114
  advaita-adi—headed by Advaita Acarya    Madhya 1.46, Madhya 1.138, Madhya 14.66
  janma-adi—creation, maintenance and dissolution    Madhya 8.266, Madhya 20.359, Madhya 25.148
  sanaka-adi—the four Kumaras    Adi 1.67, Madhya 20.369, Madhya 24.113
  svarupa-adi—headed by Svarupa Damodara    Madhya 12.200, Madhya 14.101, Antya 6.192
  adi-devah—the first demigod    SB 2.9.5, SB 3.8.17, SB 5.1.7
  adi-kavaye—unto Lord Brahma    Madhya 8.266, Madhya 20.359, Madhya 25.148
  adi-purusah—the original person    SB 5.1.10, SB 5.22.3, SB 8.17.4
  cakra-adi-dharana—holding of the weapons, beginning with the disc.    Madhya 20.223, Madhya 20.237
  carita-adi—character, pastimes and so forth    NoI 7, NoI 8
  srivasa-adi—Srivasa Thakura and others    Adi 5.144-145, Madhya 1.269
  srivasa-adi—devotees headed by Srivasa Thakura    Adi 7.16, Madhya 11.129
  harsa-adi—like jubilation    Madhya 8.174, Madhya 14.167
  svarupa-adi—headed by Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 13.104, Antya 13.116
  vaikuntha-adi—Vaikuntha, etc.    Adi 2.43, Adi 2.101
  adi-devah—the original purusa incarnation    Adi 1.9, Adi 5.50
  adi-purusam—the original personality    Adi 4.72, Madhya 8.163
  adi-rajasya—of the original king    SB 3.13.3, SB 4.21.8
  adi-rajena—by the original king (Prthu)    SB 4.20.32, SB 4.22.48
  advaita-nityananda-adi—headed by Advaita Acarya and Nityananda Prabhu    Madhya 16.245-246
  advaita-adi—Sri Advaita Prabhu and others    Madhya 10.72
  advaita-adi—devotees, headed by Advaita Prabhu    Madhya 11.197
  advaita-adi—beginning with Advaita Acarya    Antya 2.41
  advaita-adi bhakta-vrnda—as well as personalities like Advaita Acarya and all the devotees    Madhya 2.94
  advaita-adi bhakta-vrnda—as well as the devotees like Advaita Acarya    Madhya 25.280
  agni-hotra-adi—ritualistic ceremonies such as the agni-hotra-yajna    SB 7.15.48-49
  ahovala-nrsimha-adi—Nrsimhadeva, named Ahovala or at Ahovala    Madhya 1.106
  aisvarya-adi—of all kinds of opulence    SB 5.20.40
  ajnana-adi—of ignorance, etc.    Adi 1.107
  akhila-sura-asura-adi—by all demigods and demons    Antya 3.85
  ambarisa-adi—King Ambarisa Maharaja and others    Madhya 22.135
  amla-adi—sour preparations    Madhya 3.49
  anna-adi dekhiya—seeing the arrangement of food    Madhya 15.224
  anya-ninda-adi—of blasphemy of others, etc    NoI 5
  anavrsti-adi—such as scarcity of rain    SB 5.22.13
  aparadha-adi—the offenses    Madhya 22.117
  bhuta-adi—material ego    SB 2.10.32
  bhagavata-adi—Srimad-Bhagavatam and others    Antya 14.46
  bhava-adi-madhurye—the sweetness of the loving moods (namely santa-rasa, dasya-rasa, sakhya-rasa, vatsalya-rasa and madhurya-rasa) of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 22.155
  brahma-adi jiva—all living entities, beginning from Lord Brahma    Antya 3.251
  brahma-adi—beginning from Lord Brahma    Madhya 24.307
  brahma-adi—headed by Lord Brahma    Antya 16.76
  brahma-adi—by the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma    Antya 16.97
  brahma-adi rahu—leave aside Lord Brahma and others    Madhya 21.12
  brahma-adi-devera—of the demigods, beginning with Lord Brahma    Antya 5.75
  brahmanda-adi—of material universes and so on    Madhya 24.23
  brahmana-adi—brahmanas and others    Madhya 8.41
  sabda-adi—sound and so on    SB 3.32.28
  sankha-gada-adi—bearing a conchshell, club, disc and lotus (in those four hands)    SB 10.3.9-10
  cakra-danda-adi—the wheel, the rod, and so on    Adi 5.64
  cakra-adi—the disc    Adi 6.38
  cakra-adi—of the disc and other weapons    Madhya 20.195
  cakra-adi—of weapons, beginning with the disc    Madhya 20.221
  cakra-adi—beginning with the disc    Madhya 20.222
  cakra-adi-dharana—stamping the body with different names and symbols of the Lord.    Madhya 24.332
  candana-adi lana—accepting the sandalwood pulp and other items    Antya 12.141
  candana-adi taila—oil distilled from sandalwood and other substances    Antya 12.102
  candana-adi-taila—scented sandalwood oil    Antya 12.105
  sara-adi—arrows and so on    SB 7.10.65-66
  sata-patra-adi—lotus flowers with a hundred petals and so on    SB 5.24.10
  saunaka-adi muni-gana—the great sages headed by Saunaka Muni    Madhya 24.126
  sayya-asana-asana-adi—accommodations for sleeping, sitting or eating    SB 5.14.36
  sila-adi-guna-sampannah—all blessed with good behavior and good characteristics    SB 8.8.28
  sita-vata-adi—such as cold and strong wind    SB 5.14.25
  sita-vata-adi—such as extreme cold or wind    SB 5.14.34
  sikhi-adi—Sikhi Mahiti and others    Madhya 16.254
  sravana-adi—devotional service, beginning with hearing    Adi 7.141
  sravana-adi—by hearing, etc.    Madhya 22.107
  sravana-adi—consisting of chanting, hearing and so on    Madhya 23.29
  sravana-adi jala—the water of sravana, kirtana and so on.    Madhya 19.155
  sravana-adi-kriya—the process of hearing, chanting and so forth    Madhya 22.106
  sri-krsna-nama-adi—Lord Krsna's name, form, quality, pastimes and so on    Madhya 17.136
  sri-krsna-rupa-adi—of the transcendental form and pastimes of Lord Sri Krsna    Madhya 2.28
  sri-ramadasa-adi—headed by Sri Ramadasa    Antya 6.90
  sridama-adi—Krsna's friends, headed by Sridama    Adi 6.62
  sridama-adi—of Sridama and others    Madhya 19.190
  srivasa-adi—Srivasa and others    Adi 3.75
  srivasa-adi—unto Srivasa Thakura, etc.    Adi 8.4
  srivasa-adi—to Srivasa and others    Adi 9.3
  srivasa-adi—to all the devotees, headed by Srivasa Thakura    Madhya 1.7
  srivasa-adi—the devotees, headed by Srivasa Thakura    Madhya 3.168
  srivasa-adi—and all the devotees like Srivasa    Madhya 10.69
  srivasa-adi—beginning with Srivasa    Madhya 10.117
  susrusana-adi—the service, etc.    SB 5.9.6
  suka-adi—and other sages, such as Sukadeva Gosvami    Antya 14.46
  cumbana-adi—kissing and similar activities    Madhya 23.59
  sakha-adi—of the branches, etc.    Adi 17.323
  santa-adi rasera—of the mellows beginning from neutrality    Madhya 23.56
  capalya-adi—talking in ecstasy and so on    Madhya 25.69
  dainya-adi—submissions    Madhya 25.14
  deha-tyaga-adi—beginning with giving up the material body    Antya 4.57
  deha-adi—in the gross and subtle body    SB 4.29.1a-2a
  deha-adi-bandhana—material bondage due to the bodily concept of life    Madhya 6.233
  deha-adi-atma-bhava—the false bodily concept of life    SB 5.9.20
  dhana-adi—riches    Madhya 5.22
  dharma-adi—four principles of liberation    SB 1.7.24
  dharma-adi—religious performances, etc.    SB 7.14.27-28
  dharma-adi—of religious activities and so on    Madhya 25.121
  dhira-adi-vibheda—the three divisions of dhira, adhira and dhiradhira    Madhya 14.151
  dhupa-adi—of incense, and so on    Madhya 24.337
  duhsvapna-adi—beginning with sleeping badly at night    SB 8.4.15
  dvaraka-adi—Dvaraka-dhama and other abodes    Madhya 21.78
  dadimba-adi—the pomegranate and other similar fruits    Antya 18.105
  dasya-sakhya-adi—servants, friends, and others    Madhya 24.57
  ekadasi-adi-vivarana—description of Ekadasi and so on    Madhya 24.340
  gadadhara-pandita-adi—headed by Sri Gadadhara Pandita    Adi 1.41
  gadadhara-adi—and others like Gadadhara    Adi 17.333
  gita-adi—songs and so on    Madhya 23.51
  ghanta-adi—bells and so on    Antya 16.88
  govinda-kunda-adi—Govinda-kunda and others    Madhya 18.35
  govinda-adi—headed by Govinda    Madhya 13.89
  govinda-adi sabe—all the devotees, headed by Govinda    Antya 2.155
  govinda-adi tina bhai—Govinda and his two brothers    Madhya 16.16-17
  govindam adi-purusam—Lord Govinda, the original Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 20.304
  grama-adi—of villages, etc.    SB 4.18.32
  guru-adi—the spiritual master and others    Adi 7.3
  grha-adi—home and so on    Antya 12.71
  grha-adi chadiya—giving up my relationship with home    Antya 6.130
  grha-adi chadiya—leaving all relationships with home.    Antya 13.118
  harsa-adi—beginning with jubilation    Antya 15.86
  himsana-adi—violence, envy    SB 1.15.37
  iti-adi—and so on    Madhya 24.31
  jagat-adi—the material world    Adi 6.7
  jala-adi—supplying water, etc.    Madhya 10.129
  janma-dina-adi—the appearance day and so on    Madhya 22.126
  janma-adi—creation, sustenance and destruction    SB 1.1.1
  janma-adi—the creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 8.1.13
  janmastami-adi—of performing Janmastami and other ceremonies    Madhya 24.340
  jaya-adi—sounds of jaya, etc.    SB 10.12.35
  jnana-sakti-adi-kalaya—by portions of the potencies of knowledge, devotional service, creation, personal service, ruling over the material world, carrying the different planets, and killing the rogues and miscreants    Madhya 20.373
  jnana-adi—knowledge, and so on    Madhya 24.16
  kaivalya-adi—like liberation or merging into the Brahman effulgence    SB 10.6.39-40
  kala-atma-vattva-adi—of being a direct incarnation of the Lord    SB 5.15.6
  karpura-adi—camphor and other ingredients    Antya 10.32
  karpura-adi diya—mixing with camphor and other ingredients.    Antya 10.28
  karpura-adi diya—mixing with camphor.    Antya 10.31
  kesava-adi—beginning with Lord Kesava    Madhya 20.194
  kesaracala-adi—of Kesaracala and of other great mountains    SB 5.17.6
  kila-kincita-adi—headed by kila-kincita    Madhya 8.175
  kila-kincita-adi—beginning with the ecstasy named kila-kincita    Madhya 14.170
  ksatriya-adi-sathe—with the ksatriyas.    Antya 13.34
  kula-adi—family, etc.    Madhya 10.138
  kutarka-adi-duhkha—and the miserable conditions arising from the use of false arguments.    Antya 19.110
  kurma-adi—the tortoise incarnation and others    Adi 5.78
  krsna-krpa-adi-hetu—the reason of Krsna's mercy    Madhya 24.205
  krsna-adi—Krsna and others    Madhya 23.50
  krsna-adi—beginning from Krsna    Antya 3.268
  krpa-adi—and of mercy and so on    Madhya 21.44
  kama-adi—for sense gratification    SB 7.15.23
  kama-adi—aspirations    Madhya 24.96
  kama-adi—material desires and so on    Madhya 24.97
  karaskara-kakatunda-adi—named karaskara, kakatunda, etc.    SB 5.14.12
  kartika-adi-vrata—to observe special vows in the month of Karttika    Madhya 22.127
  laghu-bhagavatamrta-adi—another list, containing Laghu-bhagavatamrta    Madhya 1.41
  laksmi-kanta-adi—goddess of fortune's husband (Narayana)    Madhya 8.145
  laksmi-adi—the goddess of fortune and others    Antya 3.264
  lalita-adi sakhi—the gopi associates of Srimati Radharani    Madhya 8.165
  lava-adi—consisting of seconds, moments, minutes and hours    SB 7.3.31
  lila-adi-smarana—remembrance of the transcendental pastimes of Krsna    Madhya 24.116
  lobha-adi—such as greed    SB 1.14.5
  mahat-adi—the mahat-tattva, etc.    SB 4.9.7
  mahat-adi—caused by the total material energy, etc.    SB 4.9.13
  maithuna-adi—represented by talking of sex, reading sexual literature or enjoying sex life (at home or outside, as in a club)    SB 7.9.45
  makara kundala-adi—earrings shaped like sharks, etc.    Antya 13.131
  mala-mutra-adi—stool, urine, and so on    Antya 8.28
  mantra-siddhi-adi—the perfection of the mantra and so on    Madhya 24.331
  mantra-adi sikhite—to be initiated    Antya 7.150
  matsya-adi—incarnation as a fish, etc.    SB 1.15.35
  matsya-adi—beginning with Matsya    Adi 4.11-12
  mayura-adi—beginning with peacocks    Madhya 17.44
  meru-adi-giri-duhitarah—daughters of the mountains beginning with Meru    SB 5.17.10
  moksa-adi—liberation and other principles of religiosity    Adi 7.85
  moksa-adi—liberation and so on    Madhya 18.195
  mrga-adi—animals    Madhya 24.247
  mrga-adi—animals, beginning with the deer    Madhya 24.263
  mrga-adi—the pierced animals    Madhya 24.263
  mrga-adi laha—take some of the hunted animals    Madhya 24.244
  mrga-adi-sange—with the forest animals    Madhya 25.223
  madhurya-adi-guna-khani—the mine of transcendental mellows, headed by sweetness    Madhya 21.117
  naraka-adi duhkha—the tribulations of hellish conditions of life.    Madhya 22.12
  nigraha-adi—repulses to the opposite party    Madhya 6.177
  nindaka-adi—critics    Adi 7.36
  niseka-adi—the beginning of life (the purificatory process of garbhadhana, performed when the father begets a child by discharging semen into the womb of the mother)    SB 7.15.52
  nirveda-harsa-adi—complete despondency, jubilation and so on    Madhya 23.52
  nityananda-adi—all the devotees, headed by Nityananda Prabhu    Madhya 6.14
  nityananda-adi—headed by Lord Nityananda    Madhya 10.34
  nityananda-adi—Sri Nityananda Prabhu and others    Antya 1.207
  niyama-adi—restrictions and so on    Madhya 22.145
  nrtya-gita-adi-aneka-arhaih—by many varied means of worship, such as dancing and singing    SB 10.13.51
  nama-adi—the holy name and so on    Antya 7.88
  narayana-adi—Narayana and others    Madhya 21.46
  paramanu-adi—beginning from the time of minute atoms    SB 5.14.29
  pata-adi—plates, etc.    Adi 1.97
  pitha-pana adi—such as cakes and condensed milk    Madhya 9.351
  pitr-adi—parents    Madhya 22.161
  pita-maha-adi—or grandfather and others    SB 5.14.17
  pradyumna misra-adi-milana—meeting with Pradyumna Misra and others    Madhya 1.129
  pradyumna-adi—Pradyumna, etc.    Adi 1.78
  pranava-adi—beginning with the omkara    SB 6.8.7
  prahlada-adi—and devotees like Prahlada    Antya 3.263
  prahrada-adi—Prahlada and others    SB 9.17.13
  prajalpa-adi-nama—named prajalpa and so on    Madhya 23.60
  pratistha-adi—becoming an important man in material calculations, and so on    Madhya 19.159
  pulaka-adi—throbbing of the heart    Adi 8.27
  puspa-adi—all the flowers and fruits    Madhya 17.204
  purusa-adi—purusa incarnations, etc.    Adi 2.40
  purusa-adi—of the purusa-avataras, etc.    Adi 2.105
  purusa-adi gana—all the males of Vrndavana.    Madhya 24.57
  purnata-adi—perfection and so on    Madhya 24.180
  purva-adi—beginning from the east    Madhya 20.211
  putana-vadha-adi—killing of the demons like Putana    Madhya 20.381
  putana-vadha-adi—killing the demons, beginning from Putana    Madhya 20.394
  prthivi-adi—earth, water, etc.    Adi 5.53
  pada-adi—legs, etc.    SB 2.2.13
  pavana-adi—Pavana and others    Madhya 18.58
  ratha-adi—opulences like chariots and other things    Adi 5.34
  rudra-adi—the Lord Sivas and others    Madhya 21.73
  rukmini-adi—headed by Rukmini    Adi 6.72
  rupa-adi—the beauty and so on    Antya 15.18
  radhika-adi—Srimati Radharani and the other gopis    Adi 4.114
  radhika-adi—headed by Srimati Radharani    Antya 18.81
  radha-adi—of Srimati Radharani and Her companions    Antya 1.128
  rajendra-adi—and Rajendra and others    Adi 10.85
  rajya-adi-pradana—awarding the same government post and so on.    Antya 9.110
  rama-adi—the incarnation of Lord Rama, etc.    Adi 5.155
  ramananda-raya adi—Ramananda Raya and other brothers    Antya 9.129
  ramananda-adi—headed by Ramananda    Madhya 11.91
  ramananda-adi—headed by Ramananda Raya    Antya 15.94
  rasa-adi—beginning with the rasa dance    Adi 4.114
  rasa-adi—such as the rasa dance    Adi 4.115
  rasa-adi—the rasa dance    Adi 7.8
  rasa-adi—the rasa dance and other pastimes    Madhya 21.44
  rasa-adi lila—the rasa-lila and other pastimes    Madhya 13.66
  rasa-adi-vilasa—pastimes like the rasa dance    Antya 5.45-46
  sahasra-sirsa-adi kari—by the Vedic hymns beginning with sahasra-sirsa (Rg Veda-samhita 10.90)    Madhya 20.292
  sahasra-adi—one thousand times    Antya 9.57
  sanga-adi—the association    Madhya 24.161
  sanaka-adi—the great sages headed by Sanaka, Sananda, etc.    Adi 5.122
  sanaka-adi—the four Sanas    Madhya 6.198
  sanaka-adi—the four Kumaras and so on    Madhya 21.10
  sanaka-adi—the Kumaras and others    Antya 3.262
  sanaka-adi saba muni-jana—all the great personalities, such as Sanaka and Sanatana    Madhya 24.203
  sanaka-adi ara—and the four Kumaras, headed by Sanaka    Madhya 19.189
  sandesa-adi—sweetmeats    Madhya 4.58
  sandhya-adi vandana—regular chanting of the mantras    Madhya 24.332
  sandhana-adi—condiments and other items    Antya 10.36
  sarga-adi—the creation and so on    SB 3.33.3
  sarga-adi—creation, maintenance and dissolution    SB 4.17.33
  sarpa-adi—a snake, etc.    SB 6.9.37
  sarva-adi—the origin of everything    Madhya 18.191
  sarva-adi—origin of everything    Madhya 20.153
  sattva-adi—of sattva, rajah and tamah    SB 5.14.1
  saubhari-adi—beginning with the sage named Saubhari    Madhya 20.169
  saundarya-adi—such as beauty    Madhya 8.183-184
  saundarya-adi—the beauty of the body, etc.    Madhya 9.88
  saundarya-adi—personal beauty and other qualities    Madhya 19.76
  saundarya-adi-guna-grama—the transcendental qualities, headed by beauty    Madhya 21.104
  saurabha-adi—such as the transcendental aroma of His lotus feet    Madhya 24.44
  saurabha-adi guna—qualities like transcendental fragrance    Madhya 24.43
  sevaka-adi-gana—servants and friends    Antya 9.74
  snana-bhiksa-adi—bathing and accepting food    Madhya 17.228-229
  snana-adi karaya—he performs their bathing and so on    Antya 5.39
  snana-adi-tarpana—bathing and offering oblations, etc.    Madhya 8.15
  sruk-sruv-adi-upalaksanah—decorated with the sacrificial spoon, ladle and so on.    Madhya 20.333
  stambha-adi—being stunned and others    Madhya 23.51
  sudha-adi—such as nectar    SB 5.2.12
  sunanda-nanda-adi-anugaih—by associates like Sunanda and Nanda    SB 4.7.25
  sunanda-adi-anugaih—by His followers, like Sunanda    SB 8.22.15
  svarupa-gosani-adi—all the devotees, headed by Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 14.63
  svarupa-adi—Svarupa Damodara Gosvami and others    Madhya 16.41
  svarupa-adi—Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 1.103-104
  svarupa-adi—Svarupa Damodara and other confidential devotees    Antya 2.115
  svarupa-adi—devotees headed by Svarupa Damodara    Antya 2.166
  svarupa-adi—beginning with Svarupa Damodara    Antya 9.36
  svarupa-adi—the devotees, headed by Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 15.57
  svarupa-adi gana—devotees like Svarupa Damodara Gosvami.    Antya 18.22
  svarupa-adi-gana—the devotees, headed by Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 14.98
  svarupa-adi-gana—the devotees headed by Svarupa Damodara    Antya 18.33
  svarupa-adi-mane—in the minds of Svarupa Damodara and other attendants.    Antya 13.88
  svarupa-adi-saha—in the company of devotees, headed by Svarupa Damodara    Antya 6.189
  supa-adi—of all liquid vegetables    Madhya 4.73
  srsti-adi-isvara—the masters of material creation, maintenance and dissolution    Madhya 21.36
  srsti-adi-nimitte—for the cause of creation, maintenance and annihilation    Adi 5.81
  srsti-adi-vyavahara—transactions in reference to the creation, maintenance and dissolution.    Madhya 20.301
  salokya-adi—the five types of liberation, beginning from salokya (residing on the same spiritual planet as the Lord)    Adi 4.204
  salokya-adi—liberation, beginning salokya    Adi 4.208
  salokya-adi—beginning with salokya    Madhya 6.267
  salokya-adi—liberation, beginning with salokya    Madhya 24.183
  salokya-adi-catustayam—the four different types of liberation (salokya, sarupya, samipya and sarsti, what to speak of sayujya)    SB 9.4.67
  sarvabhauma-adi—headed by Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya    Madhya 10.130
  taru-lata-adi—the creepers, trees and so on    Antya 19.82
  tulasi-adi-gane—the plants and creepers, headed by the tulasi plant.    Antya 15.39
  tarkika-adi-gana—all persons, beginning with the logicians.    Adi 7.35
  udgraha-adi praya—unnecessary argument    Antya 7.100
  upanayana-adi—beginning with offering the sacred thread or training the conditioned soul to qualify as a bona fide brahmana    SB 5.14.30
  vamsi-svara-adi—such as the vibration of the flute    Madhya 23.50
  vaidagdhya-adi-rupa—sportive nature.    Madhya 9.115
  vaikuntha-adi dhama—all the places known as Vaikunthaloka    Adi 5.15
  vaikuntha-adi-dhama—the spiritual planets, known as Vaikunthas.    Adi 5.43
  vaikuntha-adi-dhama—innumerable Vaikuntha planets    Madhya 15.175
  vaikuntha-adi-pure—in the abodes of the Vaikuntha planets    Adi 5.222
  vaisnava-ninda-adi-varjana—completely avoiding blaspheming a Vaisnava.    Madhya 24.338
  vairagya-adi—the path of renunciation and so on    Madhya 22.145
  vanita-adi—beginning with the wife    SB 4.29.54
  varaha-adi—the hog incarnation and others    Madhya 20.298
  vasudha-adi—with planets, etc    Adi 2.14
  vasudha-adi—with planets and other manifestations    Madhya 20.160
  vatsa-adi—by calves, pots and milkers    SB 4.18.27
  veda-adi—beginning with the Vedas    Madhya 20.144
  vijana-adi kari—fanning and so on    Antya 15.92
  vibhuti-adi—like the six opulences    Adi 5.14
  visva-srsti-adi—creation, maintenance and dissolution of the cosmic manifestation    Madhya 20.361
  vighna-adi-bandhane—impediments for bondage.    Antya 6.141
  vilasa-adi—beginning with transcendental enjoyment    Madhya 14.183
  visa-adi khana—by drinking poison    Antya 2.156
  visnu-purana-adi—Visnu Purana and other Puranas    Adi 7.117
  viyoga-samyoga-adi—symptomized by giving up one type of body (viyoga) and accepting another (samyoga)    SB 5.14.1
  vyanjana-adi—vegetables    Madhya 4.69
  vaninatha-adi—beginning with Vaninatha    Antya 9.34
  vasudeva-adi—Vasudeva and others    Madhya 20.210
  vasudeva-adi—beginning with Lord Vasudeva    Madhya 20.226
  vatsalya-adi—and of paternal love, etc.    Madhya 8.201
  vatsalya-adi-maya—with a touch of paternal love.    Adi 6.76
  yajna-adi—performance of sacrifices, etc.    Adi 8.17
  yavana-adi—meat-eaters and others    Madhya 18.213
  yajnika-adi jana—persons who perform ritualistic ceremonies for a better standard of life    Madhya 24.214
  acarya-adi—Advaita Acarya and other devotees    Madhya 3.179
  acarya-adi—Advaita Acarya and others    Antya 10.134
  acarya-adi—beginning with Advaita Acarya    Antya 19.16
  acarya-adi-sane—with Advaita Acarya and others.    Antya 7.100
  acarya-adi-vaisnavere—unto all the Vaisnavas, headed by Advaita Acarya    Antya 12.32
  acarya-adi-age—in front of Advaita Acarya and others    Antya 7.102
  adhyatmika-adi—beginning with those pertaining to the body and mind    Madhya 22.13
  adhyatmika-adi—all distresses due to the body, mind and so on    Antya 19.110
  adi-anta—in both the beginning and the end    SB 6.16.36
  adi-anta-vantah—who all have a beginning and end    SB 7.9.49
  adi-anta-vat—everything material has a beginning and an end    SB 5.10.11
  adi-bijaya—who is the origin or root cause of everything    SB 8.3.2
  adi-bhavah—Lord Brahma, the original living creature within this universe    SB 7.3.22
  adi-bhutam gatesu—enter within the subtle elements of sense perception    SB 10.3.25
  adi-catuh-vyuha—the original quadruple group    Madhya 20.189
  adi-daityau—demons in the beginning of creation    SB 3.17.16
  adi-devam—original Lord    Bg 10.12-13
  adi-devam—the origin of all the demigods    SB 7.6.17-18
  adi-devah—the original Supreme God    Bg 11.38
  adi-devah—the primeval Lord    SB 2.7.13
  adi-devah—the first incarnation of the Lord    SB 2.7.41
  adi-devah—the original Lord, or nondifferent from the original Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.25.6
  adi-devah—the Personality of Godhead    Madhya 21.13
  adi-devaya—who are the original Personality of Godhead    SB 8.16.34
  adi-kacchapah—as the supreme original tortoise    SB 8.7.10
  adi-kartre—the supreme creator    Bg 11.37
  adi-kavaye—unto the original created being    SB 1.1.1
  adi-kesava-mandire—to the temple of Adi-kesava.    Madhya 9.234
  adi-khande—in the original part    Adi 13.18
  adi-krt—all these    SB 3.12.2
  adi-krt—the creator    SB 3.29.45
  adi-krt—beginning of everything    SB 4.11.19
  adi-lilara—of the adi-lila (the first portion of Lord Caitanya's pastimes)    Adi 17.274
  adi-lila—the original pastimes    Adi 13.15
  adi-lila—the first part of His pastimes    Adi 13.51
  adi-lila madhya-lila antya-lila ara—therefore there are three periods, namely the adi-lila, madhya-lila and antya-lila    Madhya 1.21
  adi-lila nama—are called adi-lila.    Madhya 1.15
  adi-lilara—of the First Canto, known as Adi-lila    Adi 17.313
  adi-lilara—of the Adi-lila (First Canto)    Adi 17.328
  adi-lilara—of the adi-lila    Madhya 1.8
  adi-purusa—the original enjoyer    SB 2.7.15
  adi-purusa—the original person    SB 6.9.33
  adi-purusa—O supreme original Personality of Godhead    SB 7.8.43
  adi-purusa—O original person    Madhya 24.177
  adi-purusam—the original cause of all causes    SB 5.19.1
  adi-purusam—unto the expansion of the original personality.    SB 6.16.31
  adi-purusam—the supreme original person, Bhagavan    SB 8.23.11-12
  adi-purusam—unto the Supreme Person, Lord Visnu    SB 9.1.21
  adi-purusam—the original Personality of Godhead    SB 9.10.14
  adi-purusam—the supreme original person    Madhya 20.316
  adi-purusam—the original Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 21.49
  adi-purusasya—the original person    SB 5.1.23
  adi-purusasya—of the original Personality of Godhead    SB 7.10.47
  adi-purusah—the first created being within this universe    SB 5.2.3
  adi-purusah—the original person    SB 8.24.54
  adi-puruse—unto the original Personality of Godhead    SB 1.9.30
  adi-rajam—the original king    SB 4.16.21
  adi-rajasya—of the first emperor    SB 3.22.39
  adi-rajah—the first monarch (Svayambhuva Manu)    SB 3.21.45-47
  adi-rajah—the original king    SB 4.20.21
  adi-rajaya—upon the original king    SB 4.19.41
  adi-sarge—in his previous life.    SB 3.1.28
  adi-sarge—in the beginning of creation    SB 3.4.13
  adi-sukarah—the first boar    SB 3.19.16
  adi-sukarah—the origin of the boar species    SB 3.19.31
  adi-sukarah—the original form of a boar    SB 5.18.39
  adi-varahena—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the form of a boar    SB 8.16.27
  adi-vasya—you who have been residing with Me for a very long time    Antya 10.116
  adi-vasya—uncivilized    Antya 14.26
  adi-vyasa—the original Vyasadeva.    Antya 20.82
  adi-vrksah—this is the original tree or construction of the material body, whether individual or universal.    SB 10.2.27
  ajivya-adi—activities like distributing food and water    SB 7.15.48-49
  akasa-adi—beginning with the sky    Madhya 19.233
  anayana-adi—of the bringing and other such tasks    SB 5.10.21
  atma-adi-stamba-paryantaih—from Lord Brahma to the insignificant living entity    SB 10.13.51