Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhvani

  adhvani—recently    SB 1.15.20
  adhvani—on the path of    SB 4.7.28
  adhvani—on the path of fruitive activities (performing actions in this life, creating a body in the next life by those actions, and in this way continuously accepting birth and death)    SB 5.13.1
  adhvani—on the path of material existence    SB 5.13.13
  adhvani—on the path of enjoyment    SB 5.13.19
  adhvani—on a path in the forest    SB 5.14.1
  adhvani—path of material existence    SB 5.14.5
  adhvani—on the path of material life    SB 5.14.27
  adhvani—on the path of sense gratification    SB 5.14.33
  adhvani—path    SB 5.14.38
  adhvani—on the street    SB 6.8.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adhvani

  anubhava-adhvani—to the path of perception    Madhya 23.95-98
  samsara-adhvani—on the path of material existence    SB 5.14.41