Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhipatih

  adhipatih—the ruler    SB 5.20.25, SB 5.20.31
  adhipatih—commander-in-chief    SB 3.1.28
  adhipatih—a ruler    SB 3.17.28
  adhipatih—ruler    SB 4.25.54
  adhipatih—king    SB 4.27.13
  adhipatih—the king or master    SB 5.20.2
  adhipatih—the king of that island    SB 5.20.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adhipatih

  haihayanam adhipatih—the King of the Haihayas    SB 9.15.17-19
  pitr-gana-adhipatih—who is the chief of the pitas    SB 5.18.29
  tat-dvipa-adhipatih—the master of that island    SB 5.20.9
  tri-pura-adhipatih—the Lord of the three cities    SB 5.24.28