Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhastat

  adhastat—beneath    SB 5.24.7, SB 5.24.17, SB 5.24.29, SB 5.26.5
  adhastat—below    SB 5.24.1, SB 5.24.4, SB 5.24.28
  adhastat—from below    SB 3.8.18, SB 3.30.34
  adhastat—down.    SB 2.7.8
  adhastat—after    SB 6.4.53

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adhastat

  meroh adhastat—at the foot of Mount Meru    SB 9.1.25
  tatah adhastat—beneath the planets occupied by the Siddhas, Caranas and Vidyadharas    SB 5.24.5
  tatah adhastat—beneath that    SB 5.24.6
  tatah adhastat—beneath the planet known as Vitala    SB 5.24.18
  tatah adhastat—below the planetary system Mahatala    SB 5.24.30
  tatah adhastat—beneath that planet Rasatala    SB 5.24.31
  upari-adhastat—above and beneath    SB 5.26.14