Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adhama

  adhama—the lowest of men    Madhya 3.63, Madhya 3.195, Antya 5.5, Antya 11.27
  adhama—the lowest of mankind    Madhya 7.146, Antya 4.20
  adhama—most fallen    Antya 12.29, Antya 13.97
  adhama—O lowest of mankind    SB 7.8.5
  adhama—bad    Adi 5.208
  adhama—the lowest class    Adi 7.29-30
  adhama—degraded    Madhya 1.196
  adhama—very much fallen    Madhya 10.54
  adhama—low    Madhya 16.181
  adhama—the lowest of the low    Madhya 17.77
  adhama—the lowest    Madhya 20.99
  adhama—lowest    Antya 4.75
  adhama—subordinate    Antya 5.144
  adhama—the most fallen    Antya 6.128
  adhama jīvere—the downtrodden living being    Adi 5.158
  adhama nahe—not fallen    Madhya 19.71
  adhama-janere—and fallen souls    Madhya 1.33
  adhama-kākere—the most condemned crow    Madhya 17.79
  śūdra-adhama—worse than a śūdra, or fourth-class man.    Madhya 8.35
  jīva-adhama—the lowest of all living beings    Antya 6.128
  puruṣa-adhama—the lowest of human beings    Antya 5.143
  puruṣa-adhama—the person under whom all others remain    Antya 5.144
  pāmara adhama—sinful and misled.    Madhya 24.253
  sura-adhama—O lowest of the demigods    SB 3.18.3
  tṛṇa-adhama—lower than a blade of the grass on the ground    Antya 20.22
  āre adhama—O most degraded one    Madhya 5.52

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