Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adbhuta

  adbhuta—wonderful    Bg 11.10-11, SB 1.18.17, SB 2.4.8, SB 2.6.43-45, SB 3.10.10, SB 4.9.65, SB 4.18.20, SB 7.8.17, SB 9.5.6, SB 10.12.35 (and more...)
  adbhuta—wonderfully    Adi 17.281, Madhya 9.150, Antya 17.68
  adbhuta—very wonderful    SB 1.15.8, SB 7.8.19-22
  adbhuta—wonderful thing    Adi 1.101
  adbhuta—superhuman    SB 1.11.16-17
  adbhuta—and wonderful    Adi 5.1
  adbhuta—wonderful.    Adi 12.19
  adbhuta—and uncommon    Adi 17.1
  adbhuta—most wonderful    Madhya 5.1
  adbhuta—wonder    Madhya 19.187
  adbhuta—wonderful event    Madhya 21.18
  adbhuta-madhurimā—the wonderful sweetness    Adi 1.6, Adi 4.230
  adbhuta varṇana—wonderful description    Antya 1.194
  adbhuta vikāra—uncommon transformations of the body    Antya 14.80
  adbhuta-arbhakam—this wonderful child who was different from an ordinary child.    SB 10.7.27
  adbhuta-ceṣṭitam—whose activities are wonderful    Adi 6.1
  adbhuta-darśana—by seeing the wonderful calamity (that the heavily loaded cart had broken upon the small baby, who still lay there unhurt)    SB 10.7.8
  adbhuta-darpaṇaḥ—the wonderful manifester    SB 6.5.17
  adbhuta-eṇa-vapuṣā—by a deer made of gold    SB 9.10.10
  adbhuta-īham—whose activities are wonderful    Madhya 19.54
  adbhuta-karmaṇaḥ—who acts wonderfully.    SB 1.18.1
  adbhuta-karmaṇaḥ—whose acts are wonderful    SB 6.17.27
  adbhuta-karmaṇaḥ—of He who acts very wonderfully    SB 8.12.31
  adbhuta-karmaṇaḥ—whose activities are all wonderful    SB 8.23.30
  adbhuta-karmaṇaḥ—whose activities are wonderful    SB 8.24.1
  adbhuta-karmaṇā—by one who performs all superhuman work    SB 1.8.46
  adbhuta-kathana—wonderful description    Madhya 17.107
  adbhuta-kathana—wonderful topics    Antya 6.311
  adbhuta-krama—one whose acts are so wonderful    SB 2.7.46
  adbhuta-krama—of the performer of wonderful activities    Madhya 24.190
  adbhuta-kāraṇāya—the wonderful cause of everything    SB 8.3.15
  adbhuta-siṁhāya—unto Your wonderful lionlike form as Nṛsiṁhadeva    SB 7.10.10
  adbhuta-vadānya—wonderfully magnanimous    Antya 17.68
  adbhuta-vīryasya—of the one who possesses wonderful potencies    SB 2.8.2
  sarva-adbhuta—wonderful in every respect    Adi 5.47
  sarva-adbhuta-camatkāra—bringing wonder to all    Madhya 23.82-83
  viśeṣaṇa adbhuta-guṇa—the adjective adbhuta-guṇa ("wonderful qualities")    Adi 16.66

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