Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: adabhra

  adabhra—unlimited    SB 3.9.25, SB 4.22.47
  adabhra—perfect    SB 1.3.4
  adabhra—vast    SB 1.5.40
  adabhra—immense    SB 1.15.15
  adabhra—fixed    SB 1.18.16
  adabhra—magnanimous, without reservation    SB 3.15.9
  adabhra—glorious    SB 4.25.29
  adabhra—great    Madhya 13.207

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: adabhra

  adabhra-caksusa—having all knowledge    SB 4.3.14
  adabhra-dayah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is unlimitedly merciful    SB 8.3.19
  adabhra-kartah—O Lord, who performs many activities    SB 5.3.15
  adabhra-karunena—merciful    SB 4.1.57
  adabhra-sauhrdah—devotees who are incessantly friendly to the fallen souls    SB 10.2.31
  adabhra-viryam—very, very powerful    SB 5.11.17