Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: acaram

  acaram—not moving    Bg 11.7, Bg 13.16
  acaram—nonmoving living entities    SB 4.18.23-24
  acaram—executed    SB 6.18.69
  acaram—and not moving    SB 7.3.9-10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: acaram

  cara-acaram—animate and inanimate    SB 3.16.22
  cara-acaram—everything animate and inanimate.    SB 3.29.44
  cara-acaram—all living entities    SB 4.4.29
  cara-acaram—moving and nonmoving living entities    SB 4.17.31
  cara-acaram—the moving and the stationary    SB 5.18.32
  cara-acaram—moving and not moving    SB 7.2.39
  cara-acaram—with all the moving and nonmoving living entities    SB 7.14.27-28
  cara-acaram—all that is moving or nonmoving within this universe.    SB 7.14.34
  sa-brahma-cara-acaram—all the living entities, including the brahmanas    SB 6.13.8-9
  sa-cara-acaram—whatever is moving and nonmoving.    SB 10.13.55