Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: abudhah

  abudhah—foolish because of ignorance.    SB 1.11.37
  abudhah—ignorant    SB 3.31.30
  abudhah—without proper understanding    SB 4.20.31
  abudhah—less intelligent    SB 4.25.56
  abudhah—not knowing sufficiently    SB 8.19.18
  abudhah—most foolish because of accepting the body as the self    SB 8.24.47
  abudhah—a foolish rascal    SB 8.24.50
  abudhah—a rascal    SB 10.3.18
  abudhah—less intelligent    SB 1.19.29

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing abudhah.