Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: abhista

  abhista—desired    Madhya 2.67
  abhista—desire    Antya 10.148

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: abhista

  abhista-purana—fulfillment of desires.    Adi 1.103, Adi 11.12, Antya 1.3-4
  abhista-dah—fulfilling desires    SB 4.22.57
  abhista-devera—of the worshipable Deity    Antya 1.182
  abhista-purana—all my purposes will be served.    Madhya 25.280
  abhista-siddhih—the fulfillment of all desires    SB 8.24.52
  nija-abhista—one's own choice    Madhya 22.159
  sarva-abhista—all ambition    Adi 9.3
  srak-abhista-dhenubhih—by offering flower garlands and very desirable cows    SB 10.7.5