Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: abhijnah

  abhijïaù—perfectly cognizant    Madhya 8.266, Madhya 20.359, Madhya 25.148
  abhijïaù—fully cognizant    SB 1.1.1
  abhijïaù—intelligent    SB 4.21.10
  abhijïäù—those who are learned    SB 10.8.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: abhijnah

  tat prabhäva-abhijïäù—who knew very well the influence of the Ganges River    SB 5.17.3
  tat-abhijïaù—knowing spiritual knowledge    SB 5.5.17
  tat-abhijïaù—an expert who can understand where gold is    SB 7.7.21
  äçaya-abhijïaù—understanding the heart    SB 3.23.22