Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yogaih

  yogaih—by devotional service    Bg 5.5
  yogaih—by the rectifying processes    SB 3.14.46
  yogaih—by various processes    SB 7.7.21
  yogaih—by practice of bhakti-yoga    SB 8.6.12
  yogaih—mystic powers    SB 9.23.25
  yogaih—by mystic yogis (as the Paramatma situated everywhere)    Madhya 19.204
  yogaih—by mystic yogis    Antya 7.33
  bhakti-yogaih—through devotional service    SB 3.15.47
  steya-yogaih—by some sort of stealing process    SB 10.8.29
  sankhya-yogaih—by reading the literature of sankhya-yoga    SB 10.8.45
  atma-yogaih—by spiritual processes    SB 7.7.21

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